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About Desolation

Desolation is a guild formed a little over a year ago. In this short time we have achieved quite alot as a guild. In Wotlk we raided twice weekly and cleared all content up too 11/12 in icc. We simply joined into the raiding scene a little to late to achieve that Lich King kill. Right now we have a very close bunch of guys & girls who are focused on playing their class well and working together as a team. In Cataclysm we want to be a strong pve raid progression guild raiding 3 nights per week. If you like the sound of our guild, why not put an applacation in and come join us on our wow travels. Most of all, remember to have fun. :)


Raiding Shedule - Sunday 7.30pm - Monday 7.30pm - 1 Random Night decided on Mondays

Baradin Hold
Argaloth - Down 21/01/2011

Bastion Of Twilight

Halfus Wyrmbreaker - Down 22/01/2011
Valiona And Theralion - Down 22/01/2011

Asscendant Council - Down 20/03/2011
Cho'gall - Down 04/04/2011

Throne Of The Four Winds
Conclave Of Wind - Down 20/03/2011

Black Wing Descent

Magmaw - Down 14/02/2011
Omnotron Defense System - Down 21/02/2011
Chimaeron - Down 27/02/2011
Maloriak - Down 06/03/11

Atramedes - Down 09/03/11
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